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Preparing a  prenuptial agreement is more common today than ever before. Older Americans especially find them useful when entering into another marriage. Upon death, it is mandatory in most states that at least half your assets be given to the surviving spouse - unless there is a premarital agreement. Your children can be guaranteed the vast majority of your estate if that's what you wish.  A prenuptial Agreement defines the rights of each party prior to marriage. This can be important for one (or both) prospective spouse who has/have accumulated assets they wish to protect prior to marriage. The prenuptial Agreement also allows each party to the Agreement to provide that their assets, or at least a large portion of them, go to their children in the event of their death.

The prenuptial Agreement will be enforceable only if signed with the willing consent of both parties to the prospective marriage (i.e. neither party can be under duress, pressure or force from the other party or some outside source), and only after the parties have made full disclosure of each other's financial situation to the other.

If the marriage contemplated by the prospective spouses never occurs, the Premarital Agreement shall have no force or effect. In executing a Premarital Agreement the parties can avoid or alter current community property laws with regards to property already owned by the parties prior to marriage.

While the  prenuptial Agreement provides that assets or property owned by one of the spouses prior to the marriage remains the property of that spouse upon the dissolution of the marriage (and our Prenuptial Agreement allows for the full and complete disclosure of such property or assets on easy-to-use schedules), the Agreement provides that any asset or property acquired AFTER the marriage shall be owned by both parties jointly, with the right of survivorship.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement -  Is it for me?

A prenuptial agreement is sometimes called a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement. It is a document prepared by a person before they marry which spells out their intentions regarding their assets if they should divorce or pass away. A prenuptial agreement can be used in conjunction with a Last Will & Testament or other form of estate planning tool.

Free prenuptial agreements forms are valid in all states, but with some restrictions. For example, it cannot be prepared making binding provisions about child support or alimony if the couple should divorce. Many states feel including provisions such as these tends to promote or encourage divorce, plus the fact that they would not be in the best interest of the child or spouse.

This kit discusses in further detail what a premarital agreement is and when it can and cannot be used. It also includes three different prenuptial agreement forms. Full instructions are included to aid in filling out the forms.


ALABAMA Prenuptial Agreement ALASKA Prenuptial Agreement

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ARKANSAS  Prenuptial Agreement

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OKLAHOMA Prenuptial Agreement

OREGON  Prenuptial Agreement

PENNSYLVANIA  Prenuptial Agreement

RHODE ISLAND Prenuptial Agreement

SOUTH CAROLINA  Prenuptial Agreement

SOUTH DAKOTA Prenuptial Agreement

TENNESSEE  Prenuptial Agreement

TEXAS  Prenuptial Agreement

UTAH  Prenuptial Agreement

VERMONT  Per nuptial Agreement

VIRGINIA Prenuptial Agreement

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